Another Salad

With a sweet edge.

Cored and sliced juicy pear.

P1060939Mixed with walnut pieces and some crumbled Stilton. P1060940‘Dumped’ on a bed of greens – spinach or lamb’s lettuce, rocket would be too strong for this salad combination.  Not pictured – sorry!  But sweet and savoury, crunchy and most enjoyable.  Very flavoursome.

Why aren’t there more lovely salad mixes for eating out…?


Toasted Sandwich…

…in a salad.

I adore a toasted sandwich with Stilton, apple and walnuts.  The flavours are diverse but melt together so well.  Sweetness, nuttiness, saltiness and earthiness.  A mind-blowing flavour combination.

This sandwich was introduced to me many years ago by a local Christian Coffee/Bookshop called Mustard Seed.  I think it was one of their specials or something like that.  I’ve never forgotten it.  And it’s rare to see it on any menus – perhaps because of the combination?  Perhaps because of the Stilton?

A sweet apple is crucial to me, partly to obtain the sweet/savoury balance.  But also perhaps because I just don’t like sour fruit.

Salad base – as you will.

With said toppings – Stilton, sliced apple and walnuts.

A sliver of salty cheese, a bite of earthy walnut, a crunch of sweet apple.  Mmm Mmm…

Sandwich on salad.

Cheese Burgers

When my parents came to visit recently I wanted us to have something nourishing, tasty and easy for supper.  I made a wonderful pudd – separate post coming up for that.  Main course was something a bit different.

Every time I’ve gone to purchase English asparagus this season, it has been limp/flimsy/bendy so I haven’t indulged.  But I decided enough was enough – I love asparagus, and didn’t want to miss out.  I took a deep breath and bought a bunch for our meal.

Trimmed and sautéed in the leftover burger juices with a little butter in the pan.

I was also lucky to find some wonderful burgers which had been reduced in price – beef with caramelised onions.  These were so tasty!  Cooked in the griddle pan until the juices were clear, then in the oven to melt a slice of Stilton cheese on top of each burger.

Cheese burger with a side of greens – we inhaled and enjoyed!

What food do you like to serve up to guests?

All Wrapped Up

I love wraps for lunches…and for an evening meal too, for that matter!  They are so versatile – they can be served hot, cold, microwaved, cooked in a pan, filled with whatever-in-the-world-you-like!  They’re easy to transport.  And for some reason, I feel like I’m having something special to eat.

I’ve had this wrap for lunch for a couple days recently.

It’s so colourful!  Filled with a spread of mayonnaise, some spinach leaves, slices of apple, some crumbled Stilton and some broken pieces of walnut.

This is delicious, full of flavour, savoury and sweet together – which is one of my favourites – and with crunchy textures.  Extra fixes of fruit & veg – yay!  And some carbs, but not from the heaviness of bread.  I always use wholemeal tortilla wraps for an extra fibre boost, and I find them less doughy than the plain ones.  Wrapped up in tinfoil to transport, they keep their rolled shape and the filling doesn’t fall out.  It all squidges together a bit, and makes it easier to eat.

Do you have a favourite wrap filling?

Waste Not, Want Not

See this ugly beauty?

I was torn.  Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Well I didn’t – put it in the bin.  I had paid good money for that broccoli stem, and it was too much to discard.  It’s also perfectly edible, if a little unsightly, and full of nutrients and fibre.

So I sliced off the dead end, removed the dry bits up the edges, then chopped it fairly finely and popped it in a pan.

Look at that beautiful, fresh green colour!  The broccoli stem was large enough to be worth chopping up, but small enough to only need a small amount of stock to cook it in – I had chicken stock, but you could use vegetable stock.

Adjust the amount of stock, according to your preference.  I prefer thick soup, so use a smaller quantity of liquid for cooking.  I also think it’s better to use a small amount of liquid, then add later.  Extra liquid can be added later, to thin the soup; but it’s difficult to thicken when too much liquid has been used.  Add a grinding of fresh black pepper, bring to the boil and simmer until the broccoli stem pieces are tender.

Add as much Stilton as you like – it’s a strong flavour, so add a small amount and taste, then add more if desired.

Liquidise – I used a hand-blender.  And voila!

I present to you…Broccoli & Stilton Soup.

It’s a great way of using up leftovers…it’s nutritious, warming and satisfying…and it’s very tasty.

If a whole head of broccoli is used, the result will be a darker green.  But it’s good to learn to use up what there is, and reduce wastage, and save pennies!  This created a tasty lunch for one.

What is your favourite soup?