Another Salad

With a sweet edge.

Cored and sliced juicy pear.

P1060939Mixed with walnut pieces and some crumbled Stilton. P1060940‘Dumped’ on a bed of greens – spinach or lamb’s lettuce, rocket would be too strong for this salad combination.  Not pictured – sorry!  But sweet and savoury, crunchy and most enjoyable.  Very flavoursome.

Why aren’t there more lovely salad mixes for eating out…?


Seasonal Sarnie


This time last year I was enjoying brie and cranberry wraps.

This year I fancied a variation on a theme – cranberry with turkey and stuffing, spinach for nutriton factor.  A little mayo to wet the bread  Lashings of cranberry with juicy, fat berries.  Not home-made.

P1060812Good all the same.

Your seasonal favourite?

Christmas Wrap

Just another idea for a wrap, and a little more Christmas(not that I need the festive season as an excuse to eat certain foods…).  I made some Cranberry Sauce and included it in this wrap for a lunch.

A large handful of spinach leaves, a good dollop of Cranberry Sauce(I love cranberries) and some tasty brie rolled up in a wholemeal tortilla wrap.  The Cranberry Sauce was very sharp but the mix was good.  And included a portion of veg.  I count the cranberries too, although I’m sure many would question that!  But every little helps one’s health.

I’ve also had this wrap hot, toasted in the frying pan – melty brie is good!

Do you have any interesting combinations involving cranberries?

All Wrapped Up

I love wraps for lunches…and for an evening meal too, for that matter!  They are so versatile – they can be served hot, cold, microwaved, cooked in a pan, filled with whatever-in-the-world-you-like!  They’re easy to transport.  And for some reason, I feel like I’m having something special to eat.

I’ve had this wrap for lunch for a couple days recently.

It’s so colourful!  Filled with a spread of mayonnaise, some spinach leaves, slices of apple, some crumbled Stilton and some broken pieces of walnut.

This is delicious, full of flavour, savoury and sweet together – which is one of my favourites – and with crunchy textures.  Extra fixes of fruit & veg – yay!  And some carbs, but not from the heaviness of bread.  I always use wholemeal tortilla wraps for an extra fibre boost, and I find them less doughy than the plain ones.  Wrapped up in tinfoil to transport, they keep their rolled shape and the filling doesn’t fall out.  It all squidges together a bit, and makes it easier to eat.

Do you have a favourite wrap filling?