Oh my!  We went to a local Farm Shop for lunch last weekend – the Cafe at the Allington Farm Shop.

P1070091Look how whippy and creamy the froth was on top of this cappuccino – it looked like dessert!

P1070092Trifle topping, or tiramisu perhaps…?!!  Nope.  Just good ole coffee.

Your favourite coffee shop and drink?


Toasted Sandwich…

…in a salad.

I adore a toasted sandwich with Stilton, apple and walnuts.  The flavours are diverse but melt together so well.  Sweetness, nuttiness, saltiness and earthiness.  A mind-blowing flavour combination.

This sandwich was introduced to me many years ago by a local Christian Coffee/Bookshop called Mustard Seed.  I think it was one of their specials or something like that.  I’ve never forgotten it.  And it’s rare to see it on any menus – perhaps because of the combination?  Perhaps because of the Stilton?

A sweet apple is crucial to me, partly to obtain the sweet/savoury balance.  But also perhaps because I just don’t like sour fruit.

Salad base – as you will.

With said toppings – Stilton, sliced apple and walnuts.

A sliver of salty cheese, a bite of earthy walnut, a crunch of sweet apple.  Mmm Mmm…

Sandwich on salad.