Simple Supper 4

I’ve developed a series – wahey!  Simple Suppers.  But please don’t feel restricted – these ideas could also serve as lunch or brunch too.

Simple Supper

Simple Supper 2

Simple Supper 3

I goat’s cheese, if you didn’t already know!  And it goes very well with caramelised onions, like so.

P1060961Goat’s Cheese & Caramelised Onion Tortilla (for 1)

3 medium onions, peeled and sliced

1 tbsp oil

1 tortilla wrap

salt & fresh black pepper

1 slice goat’s cheese, chopped/crumbled

salad to serve

Heat the oil in a frying pan over a low-medium heat, add the sliced onions and cover the pan with a lid.  Allow the onions to soften, keeping covered with the lid to prevent the onions caramelising(burning!) too early – they need to be soft first.  Once softened, remove the lid, add a little salt and fresh black pepper, increase the heat to medium and stir the onions until they have caramelised.  So they will be browned/starting to look a little crispy.  Set the onions aside in a bowl.

With the heat turned off:  Place the tortilla in the hot pan, place the onions on top of the tortilla and sprinkle the goat’s cheese over the onions.  Cover the pan with the lid again and turn the heat to ‘low’ to allow the tortilla and goat’s cheese to heat.  Once the goat’s cheese is warm, fold the tortilla in half and slide onto a plate to serve with the salad.  Enjoy!
P1060960There’s wonderful melty goat’s cheese poking out of the tortilla, and you can just see dark, caramelised onions which are slightly sweet and very good for you  🙂

This makes for a hot, tasty, satisfying and quick meal with a good dose of vitamins and minerals all round.  The large amount of onions makes it a big fat tortilla to slice into.

What is your favourite simple supper?



My passionate love affair with Goat’s Cheese continues  🙂

Heat the grill to high.  Prepare one bright, cheery salad base:


Take a slice of goat’s cheese, thickness of slice as desired. Place on a piece of tin foil, which is placed on top of the grill-pan rack.  Pop under the grill – it will take approx 2 minutes to grill to a toasted, golden colour:


It will be bubbling, and golden, and smell wonderfully toasted. Take care lifting the cheese slice – the middle may slide out of the crust where it has become so melty and good! Arrange on top of the salad, and drizzle over a little sweet chilli dipping sauce.  Enjoy!

P1070111P1070113 P1070118This is an official ‘lick the screen’ moment…  I don’t know what made me prepare this for lunch.  I just fancied it.  Sweet, savoury, salty, slightly tangy, spicy and earthy.  All on one plate, all balancing beautifully with the freshness of the vegetables.  Melty, soft cheese which is gooey in the middle, and the lovely toasted crust.

The rocket shown in the picture was a little too much flavour – next time I would use spinach or lamb’s lettuce.  Really, I only wanted the wonderful flavour of the goat’s cheese and sauce, with no other flavours to interfere.

Restaurant food @ Chez Pam’s  🙂

Have you fallen for goat’s cheese?

Home Prepared Take-Out


Last time we made pizza at home, my Beloved made fresh bases from scratch.  This time we used shop-bought because of time-constraints.

Last time I used roasted vegetables for topping.  This time I caramelised some sliced onions.  Oh. My. Word.

Two sliced onions.

Caramelised in the pan.

Pizza sauce on a pizza base.

Goat’s cheese!  This was a firm goat’s cheese with a mild but distinct goaty flavour.  Sliced into medallions.

Thick, caramelised onion topping.  And goat’s cheese slices(and a tiny bit of leftover Cheddar from my Beloved’s pizza – his was meat-infested…blech!).

Cooked in the oven at a high temperature.  Add a scattering of fresh basil leaves for intense, aromatic flavour and a pop of green.

Golden, toasty goat’s cheese.  A kitchen filled with warm aromas.  Nourishment on a plate.

Slice and enjoy…

Your favourite herb?  Vegetarian pizza or meaty pizza?

Oh No…

…another simple eat!  But in their defense, they are nutritious, tasty and satisfying 🙂

Take some goat’s cheese, slice it and spread over a tortilla in a cold frying-pan.  Cover the goat’s cheese with some roasted vegetables.  Mine was a mix of onions, peppers and tomatoes.  Cover with another tortilla.

Cover the pan with a lid and turn on a low heat.  Heat for approx 2-3 minutes, and then slide from the pan on to a plate.  I decided to scatter a bunch of rocket inside of this one, for some extra flavour and nutrition.

Some people will heat rocket, but I find it goes ‘slimy’ which I cannot bear – just the same as heated spinach – yuk!

Mmmm…enjoy that melty goat cheese goodness!

Glorious Pizza

Oh it’s been a glorious day in Wiltshire again – sun shining, 13*C temp, dry and autumnal.  It lifts the spirits!

I decided to do home-made pizza for supper tonight – something I haven’t had for a while, and I much prefer home-made.  I can add extra veggies to it…I can have a really thin crust…and it’s smaller than a delivered pizza, meaning I don’t eat as much!  Also, I can’t get a delivered pizza with goat’s cheese on it, and that’s what I love best of all.

So…out with the veggies, which were 2 aged peppers and an onion to roast in some olive oil, with grindings of salt and fresh black pepper – one of my favourite go-to’s.  I roasted these for an hour(at 200*C fan) in total, stirring three times throughout, as I didn’t want any juiciness to ruin the pizza base.

My Beloved prepared pizza dough in the bread-maker, and then shaped it and left it to rise.  Ready-prepared pizza bases are another option, rather than making fresh if you don’t feel so inclined.

I used a jar of pizza topping sauce on the dough base, then added the roasted veg on top, and finally slices of goat’s cheese. Cooked in the oven – 200*C(fan) for 12 mins.  The goat’s cheese was golden, and the roasted veg bubbled.

A scattering of fresh torn basil leaves on top – divine!

A glass of red would have been good with this, but I’m saving myself for a glass of sherry, because that’s what I fancy!  The flavour was purely Italian – pungent fresh basil flavour and aroma, warm tomatoey tartness, and roasted pepper and onion sweetness – mmm…

How have you ended this glorious day?

Roasted Veg

This is such a versatile pan of vegetables to have in the kitchen.

Take these and chop them…

…along with onions – chopped into chunks – and cherry tomatoes(remember the ones from my garden…?).  Throw in to a roasting pan, add a good glug of olive oil, plenty of ground black pepper and a grinding of salt.  Mix well, so the vegetables are covered with oil and glossy.

Roast in the oven for approx 45 minutes – stir half-way through, this helps the veggies to take on some colour.

The end result in a bowl:

There’s so much that can be done with this delicious bowl of vegetables.  This occasion I prepared some couscous in a separate bowl – quick and simple – and mixed roasted vegetables into the couscous, along with some of the roasted vegetable juice from the bottom of the pile.  Scattered some fresh basil(from the garden :-)):

Scattered some pieces of soft Goat’s cheese over the top.

A delicious and nutritious salad for lunch which is easy to transport.

This was a large quantity which served me for two days.

The beauty of this food is you can prepare it as you will.  Use garlic-infused olive oil, perhaps. Create your own balance of vegetables, according to your taste.  Add garlic cloves to the pan for roasting.  Add fresh or dried herbs to the pan.  Green peppers will make it even more colourful, with a slightly bitter flavour around the edges.  Use up what you have in the fridge.  A different result each time!

How would you use this roasted veg?

My Last…

…bowl of tomatoes from this summer.

I’ve been in the garden this afternoon and snipped them from the bedraggled tomato plants.  These tomatoes are not perfect in shape or colour or size, but they are beautiful because they are natural!  They smell wonderfully of fresh tomatoes, they are a vibrant shade of red, and they taste strongly as tomatoes should – that can’t always be said of those purchased in supermarkets.

Tomorrow they will be roasted with some peppers, onions, garlic and a good glug of olive oil – to go with pasta and goat’s cheese for a lunch; and to use as a ‘pizza topping’ on a slice of toasted bread, with grated strong cheddar on top.  Simple but very tasty ideas.

What foods are you enjoying this autumn? What’s your favourite way of preparing autumn vegetables?