My passionate love affair with Goat’s Cheese continues¬† ūüôā

Heat the grill to high.  Prepare one bright, cheery salad base:


Take a slice of goat’s cheese, thickness of slice as desired. Place on a piece of tin foil, which is placed on top of the grill-pan rack.¬† Pop under the grill – it will take approx 2 minutes to grill to a toasted, golden colour:


It will be bubbling, and golden, and smell wonderfully toasted. Take care lifting the cheese slice Рthe middle may slide out of the crust where it has become so melty and good! Arrange on top of the salad, and drizzle over a little sweet chilli dipping sauce.  Enjoy!

P1070111P1070113 P1070118This is an official ‘lick the screen’ moment…¬† I don’t know what made me prepare this for lunch.¬† I just fancied it.¬† Sweet, savoury, salty, slightly tangy, spicy and earthy.¬† All on one plate, all balancing beautifully with the freshness of the vegetables.¬† Melty, soft cheese which is gooey in the middle, and the lovely toasted crust.

The rocket shown in the picture was a little too much flavour – next time I would use spinach or lamb’s lettuce.¬† Really, I only wanted the wonderful flavour of the goat’s cheese and sauce, with no other flavours to interfere.

Restaurant food @ Chez Pam’s¬† ūüôā

Have you fallen for goat’s cheese?


Christmas Salad

Oh dear….long time no blog¬† ūüė¶

It’s frightening that work can obliterate the creative spirit in me – it saps energy, enthusiasm and the desire to make things.¬† It’s insidious – just creeps up, slowly, slowly, and bam!¬† It seems the only time I feel remotely creative is when I’m on leave.¬† I’m now determined each year to have a week of leave in December – I love the Christmas season, I love making things at this time of year; and I love¬†the cosiness of being at home, reflecting on the Christian meaning of Christmas, indulging in Christmas traditions.¬† Time off work during this season is a tradition to keep for me.

I’ve also not had a card-reader for my camera/laptop for a while.¬† I recently taught an aunt how to save photos to a Memory Card on her mobile phone, and then transfer those photos to her PC.¬† She did it!¬† You are never, ever too old to learn new things.¬† I don’t mean that in any derogatory sense – I love helping people to learn, helping people to have the confidence to do new things, to achieve things.¬† It’s great!

Anyway, I gave her my card-reader so she could continue her new practice,¬†and¬†ordered a new one for me.¬† Lo and behold¬†a few days ago my Beloved declared ‘You don’t need a card-reader, you can insert the Memory Card straight into your laptop’.¬† Thanks for telling me one year into this laptop…¬† I know – I should read instructions.¬† I don’t.¬† But I’m delighted this is possible on my laptop – makes things SO much easier!

P1060840Today I wanted a big salad.  A hot Christmas Salad.  This does not contain traditional Christmas foods.  But the bright colours make me think it is festive.  The bold orange, dark green and bright green with dots of white are beautiful.  Bright lights for a cold winter day.


Does anyone use a Butternut Squash(BNS) within a few days of purchase?¬† Is it just me who keeps it on the side for weeks…?¬† I thought it would be great roasted for a salad.¬†¬†And I am now converted to ‘not peeling a BNS’ before roasting it.¬† It’s a total nuisance to peel and chop.¬† But this way is easy.¬† I’ve seen others say it can be roasted in this way – I didn’t really believe them, I thought it would take forever to roast, I thought it would be tough and chewy.¬† Wrong on both counts.

P1060844Nip off the stalk at the top. Slice the BNS into four – mind your fingers!¬† Scrape/slice out the seeds.¬† Place on a roasting tray, sprinkle with salt and fresh black pepper, splodge with some oil and rub the oil over the flesh(don’t worry about the skin).¬† Roast in the oven – 180*C(fan) for 45 minutes.¬† The flesh needs to be tender to a knife.¬† Done!¬† So easy!

For the salad base I used spinach, avocado and walnuts.  A drizzle of balsamic.  Some chopped goat cheese РI used Gevrik.  Then chunks of hot BNS over the top.  Enjoy!

P1060847This was sweet and savoury, with the freshness of avocado, the earthiness of the walnuts, sweetness from the BNS, and tanginess from the Balsamic.¬† Satisfying. Tasty.¬† Hot and cold together.¬† The BNS is surprisingly fibrous – not really noticeable¬†when it’s liquidised¬†into soup – but certainly¬†not tough.¬† Soft and yumptious¬† ūüôā

Is Salad in winter right..?

Home Prepared Take-Out


Last time we made pizza at home, my Beloved made fresh bases from scratch.  This time we used shop-bought because of time-constraints.

Last time I used roasted vegetables for topping.  This time I caramelised some sliced onions.  Oh. My. Word.

Two sliced onions.

Caramelised in the pan.

Pizza sauce on a pizza base.

Goat’s cheese!¬† This was a firm goat’s cheese with a mild but distinct goaty flavour.¬† Sliced into medallions.

Thick, caramelised onion topping.¬†¬†And goat’s cheese slices(and a tiny bit of leftover Cheddar from my Beloved’s pizza – his was meat-infested…blech!).

Cooked in the oven at a high temperature.  Add a scattering of fresh basil leaves for intense, aromatic flavour and a pop of green.

Golden, toasty goat’s cheese.¬† A kitchen filled with warm aromas.¬† Nourishment on a plate.

Slice and enjoy…

Your favourite herb?  Vegetarian pizza or meaty pizza?