Oh my!  We went to a local Farm Shop for lunch last weekend – the Cafe at the Allington Farm Shop.

P1070091Look how whippy and creamy the froth was on top of this cappuccino – it looked like dessert!

P1070092Trifle topping, or tiramisu perhaps…?!!  Nope.  Just good ole coffee.

Your favourite coffee shop and drink?



A Saturday to myself is rather nice – especially when it’s a beautiful Spring day with fabulous sunshine!

I decided to fill it with specialness and satisfying aromas.

Espresso coffee from our new toy.  He thinks it’s a fiddle, I think it’s a great ritual full of anticipation and promise…

I used decaf coffee – that’s my preference for sleep purposes – and this was so good.  The flavour was intense, smooth, and rich.  Thick enough that the milk had difficulty swirling when I added it.

In action:

Good things come to those who wait!  And I love robins…there’s something about them.  Maybe the beautiful red breast, and their bright, beady eyes?  I have robin ‘things’ through the house.

Next aroma was…

…fresh bread baking in the machine – oh wow!  The aroma floated outside, I could smell it when I was hanging the washing on the line.  I used Allinson Wholemeal Seed & Grain Bread Flour on this occasion – it provides a heavy dose of fibre, and I love seeds and grain in bread.

My bread usually turns out doughy and on the heavy-side – I think because I always use the Quick Loaf programme – but this suits me just fine, I love heavy bread, it seems more satisfying.

Other aromas included the green pine smell of Christmas tree – I chopped mine up today, to go in the garden waste recycling bin.  The smell of compost on my fingers as I started sorting the pots in the garden.  The smell of fresh washing on the line as it dried in the sunshine…heaven!  And tonight, the smell of cauliflower as it cooked – we should appreciate all that we can smell, there are those who do not have that sense!

What are your favourite – and not-so-favourite – smells?

Sunday Morning

With fresh coffee being brewed in this household.

Lavazza Decaff – one of the best Decaffs I’ve found.  The same good result every time. Flavour good and strong, just like caffeinated coffee but without the caffeine-hit to keep me awake at night.

Oftentimes the simple things in life are the best…the aroma…the warmth..savouring the flavour…the ritual of preparing fresh coffee…taking time to do something nurturing for oneself…

What rituals do you find nurturing?