Easter Birthday Cake

This is a week+ late, but I wanted to share this.  I so enjoyed making it!  The purpose was for a family celebration of Mum’s birthday which fell on Easter Sunday.  One cake for two celebrations.

The batter was very runny but the cake worked out perfectly.

P1070035P1070037P1070040The icing was made in the food processor – a doddle!P1070042Iced, with Maltesers plopped on top!P1070043P1070045This was a Maltesers Cake from Nigella’s cookery book ‘Feast’.  The secret ingredient – in the cake batter and in the icing – was…Horlicks!  Nigella promises the flavour is subtle, but I was worried it might overpower, depending on whether one actually likes Horlicks.

I cannot bear the smell of the stuff, so have never tasted the drink.  Many years ago as a child, after Church each Sunday evening we would go visit an Aunt and I used to prepare a hot Horlicks drink for her at each visit.  Bleugh…!  A colleague who I worked with some years ago used to suck/chew on Horlicks tablets(sort of sweets) – vile!  But she loved them.

It smells – and I presume tastes – of the malted part of Maltesers.  Maltesers are great!  Horlicks is not.  Anyway, I digress…

I bravely taste-tested the icing – the Horlicks flavour was indeed subtle, and I added some extra cocoa powder for a slightly stronger chocolate flavour.

The overall result was sticky but light.  The sponge cake is fairly low-fat which makes it moist.  I wouldn’t have attempted a slice without one of my beloved cake forks.  It most certainly went down well with the family  🙂


And it was so easy to make – it’s renewed my enthusiasm for cooking and baking, to get some variety rather than preparing the same dishes repeatedly.

Do you have a favourite cake?



…cake for a Birthday Girl – my sister!  Celebrated her 40th birthday and we did a surprise tea-party for her – she knew nothing!

I lied to her all week about various things(but really, only to keep the secret).

It was jolly hard work to organise!  Because Sports Day for the kiddleywinks was on the same day, and she invited me along which means I would have no prep time.  Thankfully(in the nicest possible way – I am never thankful that people are ill) little nephew was unwell on the day so I quickly offered to have him for the day, so I had time to make sandwiches and a sugary delight of a cake.  And Dad kept my sis at school after Sports Day, for a little bit longer, watering plants in the school garden(sis does the Gardening Club and keeps an eye on the garden all year round).

Mum and brother-in-law invited various friends.

They all turned up, and it was great!  One of her friends’ little girl kept picking sweeties off the cake – she was so cute, but the cake didn’t look cute by the end.

Happy Birthday Sis 😉  Here’s to the next 40!