Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m a 40-something year old woman who has wanted to write for a while, but not really known what to write or whether I could write enough for a book.  A few times I’ve read inspirational blogs where the blogger has encouraged the reader to have a go – this time I decided to do it.

I have various interests – cooking good, whole food dishes…reading…being out in our wonderful English countryside with nature and fresh air…chocolate…having a go in my(patio) garden…and photography(I’m definitely not a pro, though!).

I love spending time with my fab nephew and niece.  I love learning and helping others to learn.  I am passionate about my work – I am a mental health nurse – maybe more about that on the Blog at a later date.

My Blog title?  Well, I Iove the ritual of afternoon tea – no matter how grand or informal, it provides the opportunity for people to sit, relax, enjoy some tea and cake, and spend time together.  No company for afternoon tea?  Well do it alone, enjoy sitting quietly and maybe read – perfect!

On my Blog you’ll find more about me and my musings Through Afternoon Tea…

Join me – you’re very welcome!  And thank you for visiting.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Brilliant interests! I worked in Supporting People for years and seriously considered re-training as a mental health nurse. Its an interesting and worthy career – and afternoon tea is one of the perks of life! 🙂 Look forward to reading more! x

  2. Love your blog idea, afternoon tea is my most favourite meal of any day. Brilliant to read and look at and makes me hungry!!! Keep up the lovely work!

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