Simple Supper 5

This ‘Simple Supper’ was actually lunch today!  But it would be easy to prepare for a simple supper after coming home from work, and I think eggs and cheese are wonderful comfort foods after a hard day at work.  This meal was also a good option to use up some leftovers.  Two leeks were sat in the fridge, after I’d made some leek & potato soup last week.  Over the weekend we purchased small amounts of different cheeses and this was a good way to use some of it up.  Eggs were a day out-of-date and I really didn’t want to waste them.


Leek & Cheese Frittata(for 1-2)





Put a frying pan over a moderate heat with the lid on, to start to heat.  Wash and chop the leeks into small/thin slices.  Add to the hot pan, keep the lid on. Add the desired amount of butter to the pan, to sauté the leeks until they are soft.  Turn the heat down slightly to prevent the leeks from burning. Turn the grill to high.

In a jug, whisk up the eggs with a little salt and plenty of fresh black pepper.  When leeks are soft, pour the egg mix over the leeks in the pan and swirly around the pan so it is fairly even.  Replace the lid, and leave to cook until the edges start to look set, not runny.  Leave for another 1 minute then remove the lid.

Place the uncovered pan under the grill and allow to cook until the egg is firm, not runny.  Scatter the cheese over the frittata then place the pan – uncovered – under the grill and allow the cheese to melt.  Slide the frittata from the pan onto a plate, and enjoy!

P1070557This ‘recipe’ is very versatile.  I haven’t specified quantities.  Use any vegetables you think will taste good fried off in some butter to go in an omelette – onions, tomatoes, peppers, peas, potatoes(will need to be pre-cooked).  Use as much/as little as you wish, and mix vegetables together if you wish.  In this dish I used 2 medium leeks.

For a large frying-pan you will need at least three eggs, to be able to coat the vegetables and bottom of the pan.  I used four in this dish as I didn’t want to throw any away.  If I tried using only two eggs it would probably be necessary to make the vegetables into a mound in the middle of the pan, pour the eggs over and try to keep it all together with the mound in the middle – good luck!

The cheese option could be anything!  I used some Applewood Cheddar – smoked cheese with a pungent flavour, which was absolutely delicious.  And a little Aged Red Leicester(the orange blobs!) – again, that was a tasty option.  I really wanted to include a little Stilton but it was off 😦  After I had finished cooking I wondered whether some small dabs of cream cheese poked into the mix could be good, to give a mild creaminess.  I dotted over small slices of cheese – saves time not having to grate(and wash the grater afterwards).

P1070563If served with a salad and some crusty bread this would serve two people.  I had no crusty bread to hand, and served the whole thing with some beautiful cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden – a delight!  This frittata could also be left to go cold and served as a cold/pack-up lunch the following day, or take on a picnic.

Which vegetables would you use?


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