Christmas Craft

P1060818Fun sorting through the sewing tin

P1060817Old, old sewing needles which belonged to my Great Grandmother

P1060819This time last year I wanted to make these cards for friends and family but a) I didn’t have sufficient time  b) I didn’t have all of the necessary equipment  c) I didn’t think I would be any good at making them.

P1060821A little pin-cushion which I made many years ago

P1060825Ribbons saved through the year, cut from the insides of garment shoulders – reuse, reduce, recycle!

The last hurdle above came about as a result of childhood experience.  As a small child at school, one of my friends had made this wonderful little felt, stuffed rabbit.  I wanted to make exactly the same.  When I showed the teacher(who was not actually a teacher but someone from the village who came in to do the sewing class each week) she was not impressed:  It was untidy, the stitching was far too large, it was a mess.  I was to undo it all and start again.  I was devastated.  I don’t recall if I actually did remake it.  But I do know that event has hindered me from hand-stitching ever since…until now!  Ha – she didn’t win!

Felt ornaments in the making…

P1060828P1060830With ribbons and beads and sequins and threads and buttons…

P1060831P1060832P1060833And the finished product…

P1060834P1060836P1060839These ornaments were a pleasure to sew to create the cards.  My hand-stitching isn’t that bad(I don’t think!).  The ornament is attached to the card by a black thread through the back of the ornament, through the card and knotted on the inside of the card.  I included a small, printed explanation in each card to say the black thread can be cut and removed so the ornament can be used if desired.  Perhaps as a tree decoration, a bookmark or to hang in the car.

It was fun to choose colours and items.  I’ve never sewn beads or sequins before – they were enjoyable to do, and they’re fairly simple and look pretty.  Who knows what next year’s Christmas craft will be?!!

Have you handmade Christmas?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Craft

  1. These are so cute! The sequins and other details add so much to a simple felt ornament. I’ll have to make some next year!

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