Book Review 4

Remember at the end of Book Review 3 I declared I would give myself permission to not finish reading mind-numbingly dull books?

This book fitted that category beautifully.  I couldn’t really understand how such a short life(Mrs Beeton lived until 29 years of age) could fill a book which is 512 pages long.  I know – that is totally possible.  But the Prologue(approx the first 17 pages) provided her life-story in a nutshell and confirmed my suspicions.  I persisted to half-way through Chapter 2 – full of mundane detail about life in England at the time of Mrs B’s ancestors and then her life.  Interesting to many.  Not so to me.  I flicked through the book in the hope of finding more interesting detail – I failed.

So glad I paid only £1.50 in a charity shop for this.  This book put me off reading for days.  Such a shame because I like the idea of who she was, what she did and her impact on thousands since she wrote her book.  The book is now in my mother’s possession, and will likely benefit a charity shop again once she has finished with it.  Ho hum.

Have you read this book?  Can you inspire me?


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