Guests for Supper

My parents 🙂

Main course was cheese burgers.

Dessert was raspberry crumble.  A wonderful serving of luxury.  And I’ll confess – I’m a sucker for raspberries.

Raspberries are fresh with a tart flavour, and colourful.  I love the seeds – have you ever chewed a raspberry seed and savoured the flavour?  It’s difficult to describe, but it tastes sort of roasted…and  satisfying.  A raspberry flavour on its own.  Sounds weird.  But try it.

A crumble mix with oats and brown sugar stirred in – imparts a caramel-taste and makes for a crunchy, sweet topping.  The sweetness nicely balances the freshness of the raspberries.

Icy frozen raspberries – means this can be enjoyed at any time of year!

Dig in to that dishful of beautiful, raspberry-pink colour.

Custard…or cream…or both?   😉

The recipe for the crumble topping can be found here.



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