Grew to this!

As I said in the original post, I haven’t crocheted for so many years.  So this was a first attempt and not bad!  I used a video from YouTube to learn how to start the crochet off, and how to work the rounds, and how to join in different colours.  I’m pleased with this as when I learned to crochet I never understood how to join rows to build the crochet up.  But the videos I used were very clear and I found them easy to follow.

One thing I would say is I’m now a bit confused between American and English crochet…so I’ve resorted to Mum to explain which is which when I’m following patterns.  The two countries use the same terminology for stitches, but use different techniques.  I guess that’s one of the problems with obtaining a wealth of patterns and information from the Internet, rather than using a local shop.  But it can be overcome.

Now I’ve moved on to a different project which will feature in future  🙂  It’s a shame that having to work gets in the way of doing these things, so progress is slow…

Beloved – work harder!

What is your favourite pastime?


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