Cheese Burgers

When my parents came to visit recently I wanted us to have something nourishing, tasty and easy for supper.  I made a wonderful pudd – separate post coming up for that.  Main course was something a bit different.

Every time I’ve gone to purchase English asparagus this season, it has been limp/flimsy/bendy so I haven’t indulged.  But I decided enough was enough – I love asparagus, and didn’t want to miss out.  I took a deep breath and bought a bunch for our meal.

Trimmed and sautéed in the leftover burger juices with a little butter in the pan.

I was also lucky to find some wonderful burgers which had been reduced in price – beef with caramelised onions.  These were so tasty!  Cooked in the griddle pan until the juices were clear, then in the oven to melt a slice of Stilton cheese on top of each burger.

Cheese burger with a side of greens – we inhaled and enjoyed!

What food do you like to serve up to guests?


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