Book Review 2

A bit of fun!  Work has been hard recently, I was out of the habit of reading so picked this off the shelf for an easy read.

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

I hadn’t read this since childhood and had forgotten parts of the story, so it was great to re-read.  It was easy and quick, but totally entertaining.  Lots of opportunity to use one’s imagination.  And there were so many references to the juicy peach and peach juice – oh my word!  Give me a sliced, juicy peach!

This is great for children, obviously.  Magical and impossible but so possible because of Dahl’s imagination.  And wonderfully descriptive words, many of which are probably made up.  A child’s world.  I love that his books encourage children just to be themselves, and to express themselves as they are.  If a word needs to be created to describe something, then just do it.  As long as one can convey one’s enthusiasm and passion.  The poems are fun, too, and a nice introduction to poetry for children.  Written in 1961 yet still so readable today.

Childhood favourites?


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