My Big Fat Greek

…Salad!  Well, sort of.  I love feta cheese – it’s a salty, tangy cheese with a robust flavour, a little goes a long way.  And the saltiness and tanginess is handled well by fresh, unadulterated salad vegetables.  Like so!

Feta is a Greek cheese made from sheep’s milk, or a mix of sheep and goat’s milk.  And Wikipedia tells me it is a brined curd cheese, with protected designation of origin legislation applied to it in the EU since 2002.

Rinse, dry and chop your chosen veggies, and place them into a tub or bowl.  I added my usual seeds and dried fruit because I’m enjoying them so much at the moment – I know, not truly Greek.  Omit if you wish.

I also added some green and black olives(photo not blog-worthy – blurry) and some chopped sun-dried tomatoes.  The oil from the sun-dried tomatoes soaks down into the salad, and it’s wonderful.  The olives and sun-dried tomatoes both stand up well to the good flavour of the feta, and altogether they provide an explosion of flavour for the tastebuds, with the freshness of the salad vegetables in the background.

Top with thin slices of feta.

That tub is a pleasure to dive into at lunch-time…tasty…satisfying…transports to another realm just for a little while.  Food is so powerful!

Do you have a favourite cheese?


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