Bluebell Woods III

In amongst the bluebells Lichen growing on bark.

Sunshine peeping through leaves and branches.

Rocks for little children to climb on.

Wild violets.

Secret footpaths.

And footprints.

Wellie boots in muddy puddles!

Unknown feathery thing.

Look at this fabulous fungus!  Growing on the end of a fallen tree-trunk.

So many beautiful, fantastic things in our world around us, if only we will take the time to look for them.

This Bluebell Woods is at West Woods, near Lockeridge in Wiltshire.  Dad grew up there as a child – it was fun to walk there with the family and show niece & nephew where Grandad grew up, and tell them that there was no tapped-water so he had to go to the well down the path to draw water.  Their little faces!

You may be pleased to know that’s the last Bluebell Woods post…for now 😉


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