Home Prepared Take-Out


Last time we made pizza at home, my Beloved made fresh bases from scratch.  This time we used shop-bought because of time-constraints.

Last time I used roasted vegetables for topping.  This time I caramelised some sliced onions.  Oh. My. Word.

Two sliced onions.

Caramelised in the pan.

Pizza sauce on a pizza base.

Goat’s cheese!  This was a firm goat’s cheese with a mild but distinct goaty flavour.  Sliced into medallions.

Thick, caramelised onion topping.  And goat’s cheese slices(and a tiny bit of leftover Cheddar from my Beloved’s pizza – his was meat-infested…blech!).

Cooked in the oven at a high temperature.  Add a scattering of fresh basil leaves for intense, aromatic flavour and a pop of green.

Golden, toasty goat’s cheese.  A kitchen filled with warm aromas.  Nourishment on a plate.

Slice and enjoy…

Your favourite herb?  Vegetarian pizza or meaty pizza?


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