…cake for a Birthday Girl – my sister!  Celebrated her 40th birthday and we did a surprise tea-party for her – she knew nothing!

I lied to her all week about various things(but really, only to keep the secret).

It was jolly hard work to organise!  Because Sports Day for the kiddleywinks was on the same day, and she invited me along which means I would have no prep time.  Thankfully(in the nicest possible way – I am never thankful that people are ill) little nephew was unwell on the day so I quickly offered to have him for the day, so I had time to make sandwiches and a sugary delight of a cake.  And Dad kept my sis at school after Sports Day, for a little bit longer, watering plants in the school garden(sis does the Gardening Club and keeps an eye on the garden all year round).

Mum and brother-in-law invited various friends.

They all turned up, and it was great!  One of her friends’ little girl kept picking sweeties off the cake – she was so cute, but the cake didn’t look cute by the end.

Happy Birthday Sis 😉  Here’s to the next 40!


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