Simple Supper 2

There are days when simple is essential.  But so also is hot and tasty food to nourish the body after a long day at work.

In the cupboards – pasta, pesto sauce, cheese.  Simple. And tasty.  And filling.

Pesto Pasta

Place your desired serving of dried pasta into a pan of  lightly salted, boiling water.  Follow instructions on the packet – most small pasta(like fusilli) takes approx 8 minutes to cook.  The pasta should be soft or with a teeny bite to it(‘al dente’).  Once cooked, drain the pasta and add straight back to the pan.

Dollop your serving of pesto sauce on top of the pasta – I usually add 2-3 tbsp – and stir it thoroughly into the pasta, so the pasta is coated.  Pile into a dish, add a grinding or two of fresh black pepper, and a grating of your cheese of choice on top.  I used parmesan.  Extra mature Cheddar is good too.


A green salad on the side is good with this.

Your favourite sauce with pasta?


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