My dear little niece(and nephew) visited a couple of weekends ago.  She spied a ripe pineapple on the counter and said, ‘Can we have some’?  Being one to encourage healthful options, of course I complied – me, niece and her mom ate the whole pineapple!

Now I know the picture above is not a pineapple…I’m fairly good at fruits and it’s chopped mango!  They’ve been good recently, and on offer at the supermarket – so they made their way into the shopping trolley.

Green with a little blush, and a bit dull-looking on the outside…

Beautiful orange colour and fleshy-looking on the inside…

There’s a large flat stone down the middle which you need to miss when slicing open – some will chew and suck at it to gain maximum fruit!  Slice off as much fruit as you can, remove the green peel, and dice/slice.  Good with some Greek or natural yogurt…and a little honey drizzled over the top?


Another good idea is to make a fruit platter – peel, chop and arrange various fruits on a plate for people to pick at…encourages curiosity in children and they can end up trying things they might only otherwise sniff at.  And it’s good for them to see adults picking at the same, and trying different things.  Good role-modelling!

My one wish?  That I could love plain and dull apples and pears…I know – they’re not dull and plain, they’re loaded with nutrition and can be tasty.  But they just don’t float my boat…

Will you befriend a mango?


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