Something Fishy

Take one little tin of these…

And create this for lunch!

Sprinkled with a little Fig Balsamic Vinegar – laced with sweetness.

I must say – I had to totally mash those sardines(which was quite satisfying), and it pays to not look too closely when eating!  I ate everything, bones included – a good calcium boost.  I added ground black pepper for a little extra something.  The flavour was good but a little on the bitter side, and a colleague informs me the best tinned fish is that packed in oil or water.  I’m now on a hunt for some.  And I shall post again – with lots of different flavour ideas!

Nutrition: Calcium, protein, Omegas 3 & 6, good source of vitamins B12 and D – and strongly anti-inflammatory for the body.

Did you know….?  That eating the bones from fish gives a boost of Vitamin D?  Good to know.

The fresh green salad with it was perfect, I’m only sad I couldn’t rescue more of the old and browned avocado which was in the fridge, to have on the side.

Tinned fish on toast would be a simple and quick lunch to make at work, when there’s not too much time.

What is your favourite canned fish?


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