Spring Garden

It’s time to check the garden(patio variety) after the winter – which was reasonably kind in this part of the UK.  There were some wonderful little surprises!  I love nature, even if it’s in pots.

I cut this Violet right back, it seemed like it wouldn’t survive…Mother Nature thought differently.

These tiny little purple/yellow violas have popped up in different pots – they’re cute!  And a nice surprise, as I certainly didn’t plant them.  They were courtesy of the natural popping of seed pods, or spread with the help of birds’ natural processes 😉

This pot of strawberries is very leafy…is that a good sign for many fruits to come?

The sage is starting to show signs of new growth, although the thyme behind it not so much.

I didn’t think the Lily of the Valley would do anything – lots of green foliage evident – but on closer inspection, there are tiny little flower buds just peeping out.

And just because I love it:

I’m now on the look-out for two fuchsias – I bought one last year and it has not survived.  It also seems the pot of mint has not survived…didn’t think it was possible to kill mint?!!


6 thoughts on “Spring Garden

  1. I think container mint is the only kind it’s possible to kill, and that’s because it likes the soil kind of moist, and containers easily dry out if not tended to regularly. I’ve definitely had container mint die over the winter before, though this year it’s come back–we must have had enough rain in the winter months, because I certainly didn’t water it!

    • Oh I see…thank you for that Sharon, I didn’t know. I didn’t water over winter, and we’re now declared to be in drought due to the lack of rain – explains the problem!
      Hope your day is good, Pam

  2. Nicely done post. I have so much to learn about gardening, but I’ve increased my plant collection from one to two. 🙂

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