Hello Dolly!

…Well, hello, Dolly!  It’s so nice to have you back where you belong!  (From the Musical Hello Dolly, 1964; music & lyrics by Jerry Herman)

Ha!  Look what I’ve been doing…

No, it’s not a one-legged thing.  But it is a headless wonder!

A shell with seams and frilly knickers.


The legs were most unruly and refused to be tamed.  The head was better behaved – just.

I think hair like this would have given a certain little girl nightmares…

Lop-sided hair, and a wibbly-wobbly head.

This little dolly decided to get about!  On the dish-drainer…

Cabbage Rocket Patch Doll!

She wanted to be an Angel…

…and sulked – balanced precariously – on top of the fence post when I said no!

That girl has attitude!

Now then…the making.

I found the pattern in Woman’s Weekly Knitting & Crochet Special(Feb 2012).  It was originally taken from Essential Kids: 20 Knits for Children from Two to Five(Debbie Bliss).

I’m not the fastest knitter in the world, but it didn’t take too long to make up.  I found the pattern easy to follow.  And choosing the bright colours was enjoyable.

The feet, legs and body were knitted as one piece.  The head was knitted separately, stuffed and then sewn onto the neck/shoulders – this was fine until I attached the head of hair.  The extra weight of the hair made the head floppy, and I had to stuff loads more filling into the head/neck area through a hole I found!  If I hadn’t done this, the head just would not have held up in a very short amount of time of loving by a child.  It would have been floppier than ever, and disappointing.

The arms were knitted separately then stuffed and added.

The hair was ‘knotted on’ in individual strands.  It will be interesting to see how long that lasts for.  And the eyes and mouth were stitched on.

I loved making this – I did it for fun, I did it to be creative, I did it for the challenge.  One of my goals for 2012 is to learn to sew – well this isn’t sewing, but it is a creative talent I have which I haven’t used very much at all recently.  I’m not too good at knitting larger projects – I’m too impatient, I become bored.  So I’m looking for small and fun ideas.  This was one of them!

Little dolly is now in the safe care and keeping of my little niece…I know she will be well-loved!


2 thoughts on “Hello Dolly!

  1. Very fun! I am a knitter of very simple patterns, but I might have to try my hand at something similar. Truly a special gift!

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