A couple of weeks ago I made blueberry pancakes but didn’t take pictures for the blog – duh!  So I went to the fridge to get a punnet of blueberries out as I fancied them for brunch today – they were mouldy… 😦

What to use instead?

Mmm-mmm… Dark chocolate chunk pancakes – wonderful!  I had a half pack left, and chopped it roughly with a sharp knife.

American Pancakes(Serves 2)

100g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp caster sugar

150ml milk

Butter(for cooking)

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, then whisk in the milk.  Whisk it well, to prevent any flour-lumps.  Leave to stand for 5 minutes.

If you are adding mix-ins, stir those in now.

In a frying pan melt dots of butter until sizzling, on a moderate heat.  Drop a serving spoon of batter into the melted butter and repeat, leaving space between each pancake.  Allow the pancakes to cook for approx 1 minute – they will be ready to turn when you see tiny holes appearing in the batter.  Flip the pancakes, cook for approx one minute.  They should be golden brown on each side with no doughiness on the outside.

Slide on to a plate, make more pancakes with the remaining batter.  Serve and enjoy!

I used wholemeal flour as that’s what was in the cupboard.

Four pancakes squeezed into the pan, side-by-side.  I made the first four plain, and then mixed in the chopped chocolate for the remaining batter.

See those tiny holes appearing?  I didn’t poke them with a skewer…  It happens naturally during cooking, and means they’re just about ready to be flipped.

Brunch is served m’lady…Hot and tasty – the cooked chocolate is so good.  It’s bitter and melty in the middle, and smells a little bit burnt although it didn’t taste burnt.  Burnt dark chocolate is not pleasant.

I’m no expert at American Pancakes by any means, but I always cook the pancakes with a lid on the pan – it means a gentler heat can be used which reduces the risk of the pancakes(and the butter)burning, and I think the pancakes cook more evenly all the way through.  The mix-ins can be surprisingly hot, so be careful when eating!  I noticed this with the blueberries, and this time with the chocolate.

This recipe can be halved to serve one – I did that last time, and it worked perfectly.  I like to leave the batter to stand for at least five minutes after whisking, to allow the starch cells in the flour to ‘pop’ so the end result is not too floury.  Leftover pancakes can be eaten later – I’ve never reheated them; but I’ve eaten cold blueberry pancakes, and cold chocolate chunk pancakes – totally acceptable for a snack!  These are handy for travelling.

Adding chocolate creates a terribly messy pan to clean!  But it’s well worth the effort…  Just cook any chocolate ones last.

Other mix-ins?  Anything you fancy, I guess!  I think tinned peaches could be good…blueberries…milk chocolate…cherries…coconut…strawberries…maybe some nuts?

I wonder what savoury pancakes might be like…?  With extra mature Cheddar grated in?  Or some goat’s cheese?  Oh my word – that may be an experiment for next weekend.

Toppings can be endless.  I like plain pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup and a chopped banana.  Nutella…peanut/almond butter…fresh fruit and a dollop of Greek yogurt…  For something really special, maybe some dried fruit soaked in brandy…?  Such as sultanas or raisins?  Whoa!  Serve those to your guests with a dollop of thick cream and you’ll be so popular!

Oh dear…my mind is working overtime…


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