Dr Foster…

went to Gloucester in a shower of rain.  He stepped in a puddle right up to his middle, and never went there again!  This is one website suggesting the origin of this nursery rhyme.

A couple of weekends ago brought a beautiful spring Saturday, so we decided to visit Gloucester Docks.  These are just a few pics…

Some people live on their canal boats

A sculpture by Wolfgang Buttress(see here and here for details)

You ever seen a square tree???  Neither had I!  Maybe a new form of topiary

Fun – and still in working order

Many warehouses around the Docks – one was restored after a fire

Not a warehouse!

Close-up of an old railway crane

Goodbye Gloucester

For those who are interested, it is possible to walk from the Docks to the new Designer Outlet Gloucester Quays.

We will visit again – there are so many places of interest around the Docks, and we didn’t leave sufficient time to explore them on this occasion.

Your favourite day out?


2 thoughts on “Dr Foster…

  1. Love it! Reminded me of our trip to Camden Lock and Regent’s Canal in London. I would love to tour all around the waterways and canals — so fascinating.

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