A Saturday to myself is rather nice – especially when it’s a beautiful Spring day with fabulous sunshine!

I decided to fill it with specialness and satisfying aromas.

Espresso coffee from our new toy.  He thinks it’s a fiddle, I think it’s a great ritual full of anticipation and promise…

I used decaf coffee – that’s my preference for sleep purposes – and this was so good.  The flavour was intense, smooth, and rich.  Thick enough that the milk had difficulty swirling when I added it.

In action:

Good things come to those who wait!  And I love robins…there’s something about them.  Maybe the beautiful red breast, and their bright, beady eyes?  I have robin ‘things’ through the house.

Next aroma was…

…fresh bread baking in the machine – oh wow!  The aroma floated outside, I could smell it when I was hanging the washing on the line.  I used Allinson Wholemeal Seed & Grain Bread Flour on this occasion – it provides a heavy dose of fibre, and I love seeds and grain in bread.

My bread usually turns out doughy and on the heavy-side – I think because I always use the Quick Loaf programme – but this suits me just fine, I love heavy bread, it seems more satisfying.

Other aromas included the green pine smell of Christmas tree – I chopped mine up today, to go in the garden waste recycling bin.  The smell of compost on my fingers as I started sorting the pots in the garden.  The smell of fresh washing on the line as it dried in the sunshine…heaven!  And tonight, the smell of cauliflower as it cooked – we should appreciate all that we can smell, there are those who do not have that sense!

What are your favourite – and not-so-favourite – smells?


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