Lacock Abbey Cloisters

Home of Harry Potter in Wiltshire!  Ok, maybe not….but some filming was completed in the Cloisters for two Harry Potter films.

We had a day out here recently.  It was cold but beautiful, and there were signs of Spring everywhere.  Our admission was free as we have National Trust membership.

One of the great things about having this membership is that we can visit any National Trust property as often as we wish.  Viewing the grounds and gardens of one property in the different seasons is fascinating and beautiful.  It supports appreciation of our natural and changing world.  Often there are exhibitions at properties which change, so we can view these.  And the National Trust is always doing work to update/repair their properties and grounds, so visits are never dull!

It can be so relaxing and peaceful to take in the sights.  And it blows my mind to wonder at how people centuries ago – without our modern technology – achieved the things that they have.  The craftmanship is superb, and these people were so very talented.  The best thing of all is that the evidence is still standing today, for our pleasure and awareness.

Anyway – here’s a bit of The Cloisters in Spring.

Welcome to my home, please remove your shoes on entering…(not really!)I remember – we visited on Valentine’s Day, that’s why I took this picture!

Er-hem…this is not a urinal…

I’d love to cook soup in this!  Over a big fire, and toasting bread on toasting forks, then smothering the toast with butter so it’s all hot and drippy and melty…I’m not governed by my belly at all!

Other things to do in Lacock include visiting the Fox Talbot(Photography) Museum and The Abbey Rooms, walking around the village – which is full of great, old houses and has interesting tales…and was the filming location for many scenes from Cranford!  There are various tea-rooms and other eateries.  Sometimes there is a craft fair in the little Village Hall.  There is an outdoor play-ground for children – always a hit!

Additionally, when we visited there was a Bird Hunt which children could participate in – for free.  Made it interesting, and helped walking around the grounds have a purpose which they enjoyed!

Any great days out to recommend?


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