Spring is in the Air

Out and about in the neighbourhood today, it was very cold and rather grey – oh…I’m a poet and I don’t know it!

Anyway…..there are little signs of spring about, and beautiful things to behold if you look closely and carefully.  All of which ease the mile walk into town for a newspaper, and then the mile return 😉

Two little ducks went swimming one day…

All manner of intricate patterns, shapes…

…and colours.

A simple stream.

Holey bark.

And two love birds – so cute!

There were plenty of tiny buds, and some leaf buds starting to blossom, too.  But my little point-and-shoot was having none of those(well – not in focus, anyway).

Any other signs of spring yet?

Congratulations to the proud Mom, Dad and big sister on the safe arrival in this world, yesterday, of the latest addition to our family – you know who you are!


2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Thank you…new little man is doing well and his proud big sister is being a super star!! Will be checking out your lovely blog for grazing suggestions whilst feeding J! X x

    • Good job you have a Super Star to help out and love that Little Man even more! Hope you find something suitable for nibbling…such cuteness =)

      Take good care of yourself, Pam x

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