Absolutely Nuts

We’ve been enjoying some of these since Christmas.  The flavours and textures are so fresh, and have the edge compared to nuts which have been shelled and packaged in plastic and sat on shop-shelves for some time…

For the first time ever I have noticed the difference.  The crunch is crunchy…the flavour is strong and fresh…the almonds really do contain the underlying flavour that you notice in almond essence – I’ve never noticed that before.  I thought it was just an artificial feature of almond essence, but no.

It’s not easy to sit and over-eat these by the handful when they have to be cracked first.  Just not possible!  And no loading with oil and salt from roasting, either.

Nature’s feast.  Pure and untainted.

It would be criminal to alter the freshness of these nuts by roasting, grinding or adding to dishes.  Yet it would be interesting to taste their freshness in a meal.

Shall I?


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