Goodbye & Hello

Farewell 2011…it’s been ‘interesting’.

I’ve changed job – but remained within a mental health work environment – and it’s been a HUGE learning curve…a new work-place, new people, new responsibilities, a new environment geographically.  I’m so pleased I took the leap – but it’s been hard.

Things I’ve learned in 2011?

I am a good nurse, and I continue to love my work.  I don’t believe this in a grandiose way – but in a ‘I’m getting to know myself, my strengths and skills’ kind of way. It’s okay to believe in oneself – and goodness knows, there are many in this world who will put us down, and be against us rather than for us.  When the going gets tough, and people/events pose a challenge, I remember deep down inside that I am good at what I do, and am focused on others having a better life.  Nobody can take that from me.  It’s a passion that others cannot douse.

I love the people I work with, who have mental health needs that require support.  I love seeing people get their lives back together, and make change for a better, happier and more satisfying life.  I am devoted to that, I am passionate – it’s the reason I became a mental health nurse, and it remains strong in my heart.  I have grappled with significant change and come through the other side.  Always remain true to what you believe and feel strongly/passionately about(although I would question this approach if harm is to be caused!).

We all have inner reserves to draw on if we search for them.  And sometimes strength and inspiration is found in places you wouldn’t imagine.

Change is like a breath of fresh air!  Even if it is a challenge…it keeps one young and forward-thinking and moving.

Vegetables are good!  And can be tasty and enjoyable!  Eat more veg!

I am writing a blog!  It may not be the best in the world, but I love it and never thought I would do this.  Something new, and another achievement in 2011.

Reading can be a great form of escape – depends on the content of course, but it’s a great way of entering different cultures and experiences, which I love.  I hated history at school, and really didn’t grasp it at all.  It seemed to be another type of fiction to me.  Now I love learning about historical events, especially the nitty-gritty of people’s lives and experiences.  Fiction supports that learning, as has membership of the National Trust.  History has become real and interesting, and the interwoven parts are starting to make sense to me.

I have rediscovered my love of cooking.  Under pressure is not so good, but when there’s time in the kitchen at the weekends to create tasty and whole food meals, I love it!  And I love the feeling of nourishing my body with good, wholesome food.

I have rediscovered my love of craft activity.  It’s relaxing and absorbing – and usually it’s calming, except for when something goes wrong…!

I discovered I can grow simple plants for food in my patio garden, and they taste fantastic!  There’s nothing like going outside to pick fresh tomatoes and cut fresh rocket for a great salad.

Simple pleasures in life are so important…they contribute to happiness…they create happiness, if we will only focus on them and enjoy them just as they are.  They provide peace within, contentment, a sense of well-being.  From Twitter(I love the zenhabits website for inspiration):

zen_habitsLeo Babauta:  Have you taken time lately/to contemplate the leaves/quivering in the wind?

And looking forward to 2012?  There are some things I would like to achieve:

* I intend to learn to sew – just simple items, with a sewing-machine(which sits redundant in the spare room upstairs!), for the pleasure of it.

* I aim to take a plant-strong dietary intake – yes, eat much more fruit & veg!  These beauties in the kitchen helped over the past week.

* I will maintain the list of books I read each month – don’t know why, I just like doing this.

* Read the library I received for Christmas!

* Keep taking photos – so satisfying.

* Who knows where my work will take me, but there are some decisions to be made…

* Continue to enjoy life, and remain thankful to God for all that is provided for us.

* Seize each day and opportunity as they arise to create many memories!

To everybody at this time of year I wish deep peace, strength and enduring reservoirs of compassion for the year to come.

To those who do take a look, thank you also for reading my blog.

Do you have any intentions for 2012?


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