BBQ Baked Beans for supper tonight.  I’ve fancied these for ages, but kept forgetting to put them in the Slow Cooker.  I cheated and used this:

I don’t have Liquid Smoke to impart the ‘smokey’ part of home-made BBQ sauce, and that’s the bit that I love best about BBQ dishes.  So I used this canned BBQ sauce, along with a can of Haricot Beans and a can of Borlotti Beans(thoroughly rinsed and drained).  I also added 50ml Ale, to cut through the sweetness of the BBQ sauce.  All mixed up in the Slow Cooker, and cooked on High for 3.5 hours.

Delicious!  I added grindings of salt and fresh black pepper at the end, to enhance the savoury flavour.  And allowed it to cook on High for a further half hour without the lid, to thicken it slightly – thick-sauce-fiend!

A side of roasted butternut squash, and some grated strong Cheddar on top – a tasty and satisfying dish.  It’s likely to be windy here tonight…

Have you ever cooked with Liquid Smoke?


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