A Little Bit…

…of Christmas.  I’ve done so much today – I love being off work!  And I love being able to create home-made Christmas ‘things’ when I have the time – very good reason to take annual leave in the run-up to Christmas.

I found out some Christmas cups…

…and made a Christmas cuppa(or several!).

I made lots of Christmas cards for friends and family.

I took these beautiful berries.

And turned them into Cranberry Sauce.

The sauce is very sharp – almost too sharp – because I reduced the sugar content.  I’m going to make another batch next week and I’ll post the recipe then.

I made a gift for a friend.

I know she’ll enjoy 😉

Do you know it is very time-consuming to make gifts and cards for people?  So, if you ever receive home-made gifts and cards, please be thankful and appreciative of them.  A lot of love and effort is put into them!  Depending on the resources used they can be financially costly, too.

And of course, I ate good food including BBQ Baked Beans 😛

What sort of things ease you into the festive spirit?


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