Warming Tea

Mmmmm….have you ever tried this in your cup of tea?

It’s a mix of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, ginger and nutmeg.  Years ago, an Indian friend first introduced me to this.  He made the tea in a pan on the stove-top, including the milk and sugar and spices.  I wasn’t too keen on the sweet tea, but the spices were good.  A couple years ago, a colleague reintroduced this.  He put the required amount on the tip of the teaspoon – yes, just a tiny amount – and added it to the cup with the teabag.  Pour boiling water into the cup, and make the tea as usual.  Then enjoy.

It’s like drinking Christmas Cake!  It is warming and soothing, with the aromas of rich fruit cake.  I prefer a very small amount of the chai spice in my tea, but some like lots which makes it very spicy and hot.  There are teabags available which already have the spice in the mix – I’ve never tried them, but I guess they would also be good.

This brand is Niharti – it’s taking me forever to get through the tub!  And I do like my tea made with Yorkshire Tea (which my wonderful cousin introduced me to years ago) or Twinings, for a good strong cuppa.  ‘Builder’s Tea'(without the sugar) is the best, and it’s good for health!  Some traditions are just worth maintaining…

Ha!  I never knew!  When finding the link for Twinings, I found Chai Tea on their website, with a little history!  So now you know.

What sort of tea do you prefer?  I know the Americans have some fabulous flavours which would be very interesting to try.


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