Simple Supper

Brunch just now was a batch of American Pancakes(Nigella-style) but the recipe was from her book ‘Feast’ and is not listed as a proper recipe.  Anyway, it was good!  With a drizzle of maple syrup, and a dollop of Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams. Comforting, hot and home-made – I’m aiming for a day of home-made dishes today, as I have the time and I find it relaxing to be in the kitchen.

The pancakes were also very quick and easy to make – simple, as was last night’s supper.  Quesadillas – Pam-style!  I had some big, fat, juicy tomatoes to use and fancied them in something for supper.  Thank goodness for Old El Paso!

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am a cheese fiend…Always strong Cheddar(or strong-flavoured any type of cheese) so that small amounts will provide good flavour.

The tomatoes were chopped…

Place a tortilla in a frying-pan, scatter on the chopped tomatoes. Sprinkle some grated Cheddar over the tomatoes, and grind fresh black pepper over the top. Scatter some torn Basil leaves.

Place another tortilla on top…

Cook over a medium heat for approx 2 minutes each side. When turning, up-end the tortilla in the pan onto a large plate, and then slide back into the pan.  If it makes a mess, it still tastes good!  Slice, and enjoy.

The filling was full of fresh, Italian flavour…there were toasty cheese bits around the edges, which added depth of flavour…it was hot and satisfying…and very quick and easy to prepare. It wasn’t finger food because it was too juicy and messy!

I regard this method of food preparation to be about intuitive cooking.  There are no specific recipes with measured quantities.  It’s about what your body fancies/needs, along with what you have in stock.  Then it’s about using those things to prepare something.

You decide what balance of flavours you would like in the dish you are making.  I love the flavour of fresh Basil but it’s strong, and I know I don’t like too much as it can overpower.  Others might want much more Basil flavour.  I like my food to be salted, but not too much.  I know that Cheddar is salty, so I don’t add any other salt to the dish.  I know at this time of year I can easily focus my dietary intake on stodgy, comforting foods.  So every so often, I fancy something like the freshness of those tomatoes, to keep me balanced.

I know at this time of year I always like hot food at the end of the day.  A cold sandwich is no good.  I love the tortillas that I use because they add a boost of fibre, and they are not carb-heavy.  I love the lightness of this meal that I prepared.

Taking care of ourselves is partly about honouring these things.  Recognising what we like, what we crave, our preferences and what we ‘fancy’.  Then responding to those wishes.  There’s lots that can be said about this subject – closely related to intuitive eating – but I’ll finish here, for now.

I fancy something with apples, so I shall be in the kitchen creating something with apples this weekend…apple cake comes to mind, with crunchy Demerara sugar in it somewhere…mmm!

What are your thoughts about intuitive cooking?


3 thoughts on “Simple Supper

  1. thoughts on intuitive cooking, hmmm….

    I like to ask myself before I make something, “what do I feel like?” “What would satisfy me right now?” and then if I have the ingredients for whatever that is, making that. That is my idea of intuitive cooking.

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