Good Soup

This may look like baby food(or something worse?) but I promise you it’s not.

It’s yellow split pea soup, inspired by this recipe by the wonderful Nigella Lawson 🙂

I adapted it of course.  I’ve previously added the Frankfurter sausages as suggested in the original recipe – great and hearty meal.  This time I had left-overs from a joint of gammon which I had cooked in the Slow-Cooker, so in to the pot it went.  Oh my word….

It was thick and warming and satisfying – soup with a chew.  Smoky flavours add a whole new dimension to a meal, which I love. It’s a cheap meal to make, it will serve many.  If you use the Frankfurters it’s fun – a great way of encouraging the kids to eat veg.

Remember I said I don’t do watery or sloppy in this post?  This soup fits that requirement perfectly.  I have two portions remaining in the freezer for another day – I’m sure the smokiness develops the longer it’s left.

How do you like the texture of your soups?


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