Glorious Pizza

Oh it’s been a glorious day in Wiltshire again – sun shining, 13*C temp, dry and autumnal.  It lifts the spirits!

I decided to do home-made pizza for supper tonight – something I haven’t had for a while, and I much prefer home-made.  I can add extra veggies to it…I can have a really thin crust…and it’s smaller than a delivered pizza, meaning I don’t eat as much!  Also, I can’t get a delivered pizza with goat’s cheese on it, and that’s what I love best of all.

So…out with the veggies, which were 2 aged peppers and an onion to roast in some olive oil, with grindings of salt and fresh black pepper – one of my favourite go-to’s.  I roasted these for an hour(at 200*C fan) in total, stirring three times throughout, as I didn’t want any juiciness to ruin the pizza base.

My Beloved prepared pizza dough in the bread-maker, and then shaped it and left it to rise.  Ready-prepared pizza bases are another option, rather than making fresh if you don’t feel so inclined.

I used a jar of pizza topping sauce on the dough base, then added the roasted veg on top, and finally slices of goat’s cheese. Cooked in the oven – 200*C(fan) for 12 mins.  The goat’s cheese was golden, and the roasted veg bubbled.

A scattering of fresh torn basil leaves on top – divine!

A glass of red would have been good with this, but I’m saving myself for a glass of sherry, because that’s what I fancy!  The flavour was purely Italian – pungent fresh basil flavour and aroma, warm tomatoey tartness, and roasted pepper and onion sweetness – mmm…

How have you ended this glorious day?


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