Christmas is Coming…

…the goose is getting fat – but there’s no goose in this house!  Instead, there’s plenty of wonderful cranberry sauce.

The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving next week, but in the UK we don’t have that to share.  But…I can celebrate Christmas early with cranberry sauce!  I love it.  And why should anyone need an excuse to indulge in a ‘traditional’ food at a different time of year, anyway?  😉  Home-prepared is far better, but there are no cranberries in the shops at the moment – unless somebody knows something that I don’t?

So using that beautifully seeded panini pictured above, I made a Brie & Cranberry Panini – it was fabulous.  I’m convinced foods taste so much better when you don’t partake of them very often – oh my!  This was good.

Just look at that big fat spoonful of ruby jewels deliciousness!

Sandwiched with dear little slabs of tasty Brie, and toasted – the George Forman is packed away, so the grill had to suffice.

The seeds started popping while the panini was toasting – this appealed to all five senses!  And then they tasted so good – toasted seedy, nutty flavour to go alongside the sweet-and-tartness of the cranberry sauce, and the earthy flavour of the Brie.  And it was warm, and toasty, and comforting.

Plain and simple and quick, but oh-so-good.

Has anyone seen cranberries in the shops yet?  Please don’t keep it a secret!


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