Remember, Remember

…the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.

We joined with the family at my sister’s house for a fabulous evening, to celebrate Bonfire Night – ‘cept we didn’t have a bonfire, but lots of fireworks and sparklers instead!  My sister drew the line at a bonfire in her garden…I understand!

It was great to be with the family, and we had good, warming food(of course!) and much dazzle, crackles and pops, and pretty colours.  You ever seen a firework stuck in a tree?  That was fun!

These are a few pics – I’m really pleased with them as I’ve never successfully taken pictures of fireworks before, but I also appreciate they are not professional quality.  And you know what?  I’m not a Pro!  This is a blog for fun 🙂  But I do try my best with my little point-and-shoot camera.  I haven’t posted any sky-shots of fireworks – they all turned out like the lightsabers from Star Wars!!!  They were fun but not post-worthy…

On the menu was home-made vegetable soup with cheesy jackets, and a hot dog with plenty of ketchup for the kiddleywinks.  Warm and comforting…

You ever scooped out 12 baking potatoes, to make jackets…?

Stuff them with cheesy mash.

And bake.

Deliciousness in a tray of spuds.

I phoned sis next morning – she said the garden looked like a bomb had hit it!  It took an hour to clean up, with 2 bags of rubbish. And they scoured the vicinity of their house, too, as there were fallen rocket parts everywhere.

But it was fun!

Did you do anything special for Bonfire Night?  There were organised displays in our area which people attended.

I’ve also been remembering all those involved in the M5 crash on Friday evening, and their loved ones who are having to cope at this terrible time – my thoughts and prayers are with them.


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