The Queen

…was in the parlour eating bread and honey.

Afternoon Tea today.

Bread and honey with a good, strong cuppa!

I found out the butter-knife after listening to Chris Evans yesterday morning – he declared butter-knives the best thing for spreading butter, far superior to an ordinary knife.  My family gave me this butter-knife for Christmas last year(I have used it since Christmas, but only for cutting butter), so thought I would give it a try….

I concur!

It spreads evenly without any holes in the bread, and it’s easy to thin the butter out so it covers the slice.  Who would have thought…?

Interesting Side Note:   This site offers an insight into the origin of the nursery rhyme; and Wikipedia offers a couple other theories and additional verses.  I like the idea that the blackbirds were put in to a pie(live), to surprise the guests when it was served at the table!

Do you remember all the words to the nursery rhyme?


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