Toffee Apple Crumble

Remember these two beauties?

I used most of them to create Toffee Apple Crumble.

In the pan – fruit:

2 Bramley Apples, peeled, cored and cut in to small chunks

Tiny knobs of butter

50g Demerara Sugar

In the pan – crumble:

175g Wholemeal Plain Flour

75g butter(needs to be cold)

50g Demerara Sugar

25g Oats

Oven: 190*C

I used 7 ramekins for individual desserts. 

Place the flour in a large bowl, chop 75g butter in to the bowl, and rub the butter in to the flour to make a breadcrumb-like mix. Add the oats and 50g Demerara sugar, and stir in well.

Share the chopped apple between the ramekins. Dot knobs of butter over the apple, and share 50g Demerara sugar between the ramekins, sprinkling over the apple and butter. Top the apples with the oaty crumble mixture.

Stand the ramekins on a baking tray – in case of spillage from fruit bubbling over, it saves a mucky oven! – and bake the crumbles in the oven on 190*C for 15 minutes; then reduce the temperature to 180*C.  I cooked these for a total of 35 minutes.

Tuck in – with cream or custard or ice-cream or…your choice!

In the making:

Butter and flour rubbed together to make crumble mixture.

Add wonderful golden sugar and oats.

The prepared oaty crumble mix.

Apples, butter and sugar making friends!

Oaty crumble mix on top – Toffee Apple Crumbles ready to go…in the oven!

I present to you:  Toffee Apple Crumble – with custard.  There really is apple in there somewhere, promise 😉

The first time I made this was by accident, but it tasted so good that now I purposefully make it this way every time!  The Demerara sugar is vital to help create the toffee-ish flavour – I think just a little more in each dish would have made the flavour even stronger on this occasion.  The apples are tart and cut through the sweetness, and the butter with the apples almost gives a butterscotch flavour – delicious!  The oats are an added boost of health – makes a change from having them in cereal, for breakfast.  But they also give a nice chew to the crumble topping.

A fairly simple dish to make, it can be prepared in advance, and is very satisfying.  It makes the most of local autumn fruits – always a good thing.  Individual desserts always look special when serving up to guests, but then there’s the greed enjoyment factor….how can you ask for more?!!  😛 Big decisions!

What is your favourite fruit in a crumble?


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