Time to Unwind

I have a week off work now, and I’m loving it!

Friday was a total day of relaxing – pottering around and doing nothing for anyone.  On Saturday I had arranged for my parents to visit – with the offer of warm croissants and fresh coffee in the morning, who could say no?

We achieved a whole load of work in the garden – in very hot sunshine, I must say!  Dad had offered to cut the hedges for me, as he has an electric hedge-trimmer which could not be entrusted to me.  He did a great job – the garden looks so neat and tidy.  Several weeds were dealt with, and we chopped lots of plants back ready for the winter.  I scooped and scooped twigs and leaves in the clear-up effort!

In my absence from the kitchen my Beloved set to with the new bread machine, and produced a seeded loaf for – a late – lunch.  That, alongside a delicious wedge of Cornish Yarg(the stinging nettle cheese – ever tried it?), some good ham and good old-fashioned cheddar with chutneys filled our bellies.  Oh – forgot to mention a crop of tasty little cherry tomatoes which I’ve successfully grown this year, as well.  Some of them are like ‘Siamese’ tomatoes.  It looks as if two tomatoes have merged and share one stem – really strange!  If I can get a picture, I’ll upload it – they’re fascinating!

Mum brought out the tea-pot for the Afternoon Tea ritual and we put the world to rights as we sipped tea.

Just as my parents departed, along came my little nephew and niece to pay a visit – always love that!  They threw their hot and sweaty little bodies at me for cuddles, and asked for cold drinks – supplied, of course!  They were tired little souls, and only wanted to watch something on TV – so we found out a Rugrats DVD and they goggle-boxed for a while.  Those two little lovelies totally de-stress me(generally….).  At times in my life when I have been overwhelmed with stressful events, I have thought of them to help me calm and have positive thoughts and feelings – it works!  I love their sweaty little hands and the innocent things they speak which are funny(and they don’t know it).

Yesterday I found out a book to start reading – The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.  I read the Poisonwood Bible which she wrote, and it was such a good read. I’ve seen good reviews of some of her other works, so thought I’d give this a go.  Will let you know how it goes!

Have you read The Lacuna?  Any recommendations for good reads?


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