My First Time!

I never thought I would be writing a blog – not in a million years – but here I am!  I’ve decided to put it out there, just for fun, just to have a go and see what happens…

I admire those who write blogs – they show committment, enthusiasm and passion. Some of them also show fabulous photography skills, and I love beautiful pictures, interesting pictures, views of the world around us that others don’t always think of.
I love detail in pictures – I find detail in our natural world absolutely breath-taking, and it makes me wonder how nature can be just as it is. The thoughts and feelings it creates give me a sense of peace.

I love taking pictures too, and will share some of them with you. Saying that, I appear to have no food pictures to reflect my Blog title! That will have to be rectified by making cake and then taking interesting pictures – challenge number one! Taking the interesting pictures is the challenge, not making the cakes. And eating cake is the easiest part of all!

How about you – do you have a favourite cake?  Do you buy cakes, or make your own?

First post is going to be published – cheers!


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